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Cloth wall decoration step by step instructions

How to choose fabric for drapery of walls and how to stick material correctly: instructions with photos and videos

Cloth wall decoration is a great way to design any living space in the original way. You can cover the walls in the living room with elegant cloth or strict in the office. Well, there is no need to talk about decorating the walls of the bedroom with pastel-colored fabrics – delicate material will decorate this room as well as possible. To glue the fabric on the walls, you need to conduct appropriate surface preparation and familiarize yourself with step-by-step instructions.

If we talk about the design of the walls, it is worth noting that the fabric has some obvious advantages over wallpaper or painting. Firstly, for such a decoration the walls do not require much preparation; secondly, if you are tired of your decoration, then you can easily change it; and, thirdly, there is still an advantage in that the removed fabric can be used again in other projects in the house if you decide to remake everything.

In this article you will receive detailed information about the drapery of the walls with your own fabric, you can see photos and videos.

Why fit the walls with fabric instead of wallpaper

Cloth wall decoration step by step instructions
Cloth wall decoration step by step instructions

There are at least five reasons why you should fit fabric walls:

  1. Fabric is an ideal way to mask imperfect walls; with its help you can hide the fact that the walls have not been painted for years, not sanded and not puttyed.
  2. Walls covered with fabric will better absorb sounds than painted ones, especially if the surface is first laid with a layer of special gasket.
  3. Instead of wallpaper (or paint), the fabric on the wall is also worth sticking because it is a portable enclosure. If you decide to move, you can take her with you.
  4. Having put a special lining layer under the fabric, you can get a view of an upholstered, puffy wall.
  5. Since you can expand the fabric and watch it over a large area, often by attaching the fabric to the wall, you can fairly accurately visualize how the fabric will look.

See how beautiful the covered walls are with the fabric in these photos:

Cloth wall decoration step by step instructions
Cloth wall decoration step by step instructions
Cloth wall decoration step by step instructions
Cloth wall decoration step by step instructions
Cloth wall decoration step by step instructions
Cloth wall decoration step by step instructions

The choice of decorative fabric for wall decoration

To make it easier to work, opt for a lightweight, hard-woven fabric. Look for such a fabric, the drawing on which goes, as they say, “by structure”. However, if you liked the decorative fabric for the walls a bit with a slope, then when pasting, choose a design that does not require following the structure.

Before starting work, smooth out all wrinkles and folds on the fabric. When the entire room is already covered with fabric, you will almost certainly find that you cannot combine the pattern on the last seam. Therefore, plan the start and end of the work so that this last docking seam falls on the most inconspicuous place. In particular, a door located near the corner of the room will be a good choice, because in this case only a small area directly above the door will be inconsistent in the picture.

Cloth wall decoration step by step instructions
Cloth wall decoration step by step instructions

Another option for drapery walls with a cloth is to “bury” a mismatching seam in the corner where it will be hidden by furniture.

If you stretch or glue a fabric with a beautiful pattern at certain intervals, then small tubercles and surface irregularities will not be visible. When covering textured surfaces, a fine decorative fabric pattern is the best choice.

These photos show the best fabrics for wall decoration:

Cloth wall decoration step by step instructions
Cloth wall decoration step by step instructions
Cloth wall decoration step by step instructions
Cloth wall decoration step by step instructions
Cloth wall decoration step by step instructions
Cloth wall decoration step by step instructions
Cloth wall decoration step by step instructions
Cloth wall decoration step by step instructions

Materials and calculation of fabric for wall pasting

To decorate the walls with your own hands you will need:

  • the cloth
  • Adhesive: Choose either powder pulp from cellulose or wheat, or pre-mixed vinyl paste. Read the manufacturer’s instructions and instructions and look for an adhesive with an anti-mold component suitable for gluing fabrics
  • Liquid starch
  • Pieces of fabric or cellophane to protect the floor
  • Plumb or level
  • Paper clips (buttons) and hammer
  • Hard tape measure or meter
  • Wallpaper knife
  • Glue or paint brushes or sponge
  • Wallpaper brush
  • Several clothespin rings from cornices

Before upholstery with a fabric, measure the width of the wall. Do not adjust for window and door openings. To determine how many panels you need, divide the total width by the possible width of the fabric.

Cloth wall decoration step by step instructions
Cloth wall decoration step by step instructions

To determine the length of each panel when calculating fabric, measure the height of the wall. Add 7.5-15 cm allowance.

To determine the total footage, multiply the number of panels by the length of each panel. Then divide this number by 100 cm to convert centimeters to meters.

Preparing walls for decorating with fabric

Although fabric is a great way to close far from ideal walls, there are still a few problems that should not be ignored. You must eliminate all leaks, mold, and other problems associated with running water or moisture on walls, air conditioners, or around windows. If such defects are not eliminated, the fabric will only emphasize them. Moreover, if problems persist, they can damage the fabric itself.

Cloth wall decoration step by step instructions
Cloth wall decoration step by step instructions

Before pasting the walls with fabric, do all the necessary painting work on the moldings, trim and windows before you start hanging the fabric. If you want, the moldings can be removed, painted and put back into place after placing the fabric on the walls. Remove the switches, covers, old equipment for window curtains, etc.

If you have chosen a light fabric, and through it a dark surface of the wall shines through, then the easiest way is to whiten the walls.

Pasting, which does not require stitching, is one of the fastest methods of covering the walls with fabric. The fabric adheres directly to the surface. Therefore, to achieve the best result, the walls must be smooth, light in color and without cracks. Even on a slightly textured surface so coated, each tubercle will be visible.

Wash the walls. If they are colored, wash them with a mild detergent solution; if they are pasted over with wallpaper, then vacuum thoroughly. If the walls are dark (and your fabric is transparent), then they need to be painted with white paint.

Cloth wall decoration step by step instructions
Cloth wall decoration step by step instructions

If you are covering new drywall walls, primer them. Otherwise, if you ever begin to take off the fabric in the future, the paper coating will also come off the wall. The primer of the walls will also contribute to a good adhesion of the glue. This is especially important for new walls, because without protection in the form of a primer, the glue will be absorbed into the wall, and as a result, the work will be damaged.

Remove all switches and covers. Draw a vertical line on each wall that you plan to cover, following the instructions.

Check the color of the glue. Sometimes it is dark and can damage the color of the fabric. Always do a gluing test to see if the glue is suitable for the fabric of your choice. Leave the fabric to dry, and then carefully inspect it for any signs of color damage. If the fabric of your choice has a repeating pattern, then for each panel you may need an additional amount, depending on how this repeating motif relates to the height of the wall.

Look at the photo how to prepare the walls for drapery with fabric:

Cloth wall decoration step by step instructions
Cloth wall decoration step by step instructions
Cloth wall decoration step by step instructions
Cloth wall decoration step by step instructions

DIY wall decoration: how to glue the fabric correctly (with photo and video)

Do-it-yourself fitting and joining of fabric panels during drapery is done directly on the wall. The technique is simple: slightly overlap the pattern; then, working on both fabric panels, cut off the overlap. Make sure the room is well lit, especially if you work at night, otherwise in the daytime air bubbles will mysteriously appear on your walls.

To properly adhere the fabric to the wall, follow the steps below.

Cloth wall decoration step by step instructions
Cloth wall decoration step by step instructions

Step 1: Bonding the first panel

  1. Cut the first panel equal to the height of the wall plus 10-15 cm. Using a brush or sponge, evenly spread glue paste on the wall, covering the upper third of the wall. Spread glue over a slightly larger surface than the width of the fabric. Align the pattern (not necessarily from the edge) with the vertical line and leave 5-7.5 cm fields at the top. If you cover more than one wall, place the first panel so that the left side wraps around the corner by 2.5-5 cm.
  2. Using a smoothing brush, rectangle, or rag, smooth the fabric on the wall. Start smoothing from a vertical line and then up. If the fabric is very heavy, use a few sharp studs or buttons to temporarily attach it along the top edge.
  3. Gently lift and move the rest of the fabric from the wall. Apply glue to the middle third of the wall. It’s better for someone to hold the fabric while you glue the wall. If there is no one to help, then fix the fabric with a clothespin for a curtain or artist’s paper clip and hook it on a nail driven into the upper edge of the wall.
  4. Smooth the fabric over the area that you smeared with glue, working from a vertical line down in relation to the previously pasted area.
  5. Repeat the procedure (apply glue and smooth the fabric) on the lower third of the wall.
  6. With a sharp blade of a craft knife, cut off excess fabric along the top and bottom edges. If the fabric does not cut well, wait until the glue dries. Since the knife blades quickly blunt, you will have to constantly change them.

These photos show the steps of decorating the walls with a do-it-yourself cloth:

Cloth wall decoration step by step instructions
Cloth wall decoration step by step instructions
Cloth wall decoration step by step instructions
Cloth wall decoration step by step instructions

Step 2: Sticking Subsequent Panels

  1. Cut the fabric for the next panel. Plan 2.5-5 cm on the side field to overlap and align the pattern. Apply glue to the upper third of the wall, including the ceiling from below (right margin) on the first panel. Smooth the fabric in place, making sure that the pattern matches exactly under the overlap. Repeat the process of spreading glue and smoothing on the remaining parts of the panel.
  2. Hold the straight edge firmly in the middle between the upper and lower overlap. Using a craft knife, cut both layers of fabric (cut from top to bottom).
  3. Remove the strips of fabric in the place where the upper overlap was. Then gently separate the fabric from the wall and remove the overlap from below. Glue the second panel back into place and iron it again. If necessary, add a little more glue to the wall along the seam with a brush.
  4. Cut the top and bottom edges as described in Step 1, step 6.
  5. Repeat the sticker, smoothing, and trimming procedure with the rest of the panels.
  6. Check the glued walls for air bubbles: pierce such areas with a needle or make a small incision there and smooth the fabric on the wall again. If a lot of small air bubbles form under the fabric, finish making one wall, then coat with a thin layer of liquid starch. Grinding this kind will help you remove the bubbles and become a protective layer from dirt.
  7. Cloth wall decoration step by step instructions
    Cloth wall decoration step by step instructions

    Tip. If the edges of the fabric extend away from the wall, gently tear the fabric from the wall, apply glue to the wall and, after gluing the fabric again, smooth it on the wall. A thin layer of glue can also be applied to this area. When the fabric softens again, glue is absorbed through it into the wall. Smooth this area with a rag or brush.

    Tip. If the fabric is very heavy, then clothespins or paper clips may not be able to hold it. In this case, it is better to take large safety pins.

    Step-by-step wall decoration with fabric is demonstrated in this video:

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