Interior of a small hallway: ideas for arrangement

How to equip a small hallway in a modern apartment: advice from interior designers

Unfortunately, not everyone can boast of having a large entrance hall in the apartment. Most often, the entrance space is more than modest, it is very difficult to arrange it beautifully, therefore, choosing between beauty and rationality, most prefer the latter. How to create a practical and modern interior of a small entrance hall to place the necessary pieces of furniture in it and leave space so that you can easily dress, undress, straighten your hair and store at least a minimum of outerwear and shoes?

Most often, many problems arise when arranging a hallway. The small entrance hall is undoubtedly a constant source of grief, and you can only shrug your hands with a sigh: what kind of furniture is there when there is nowhere to turn around! However, in the hallway of a small apartment you can create a beautiful interior, successfully organize the space, showing imagination, correctly using design solutions, compactly and without unnecessary piles to place all the necessary furnishings.

How to equip a small hallway

In the interior design of a small hallway, a large mirror must be an obligatory element so that you can see yourself in it at full height. Next, you should provide a place to store outer clothing that you use daily to store shoes, bags, sports equipment, umbrellas, hats, household and household supplies.

Interior of a small hallway ideas for arrangement
Interior of a small hallway ideas for arrangement

If the hallway has at least one fairly long wall, it’s convenient to place a closet with compartments and drawers near it. In the niche of such a cabinet you can hang a mirror.

As shown in the photo, the interior of the small hallway can be equipped with a narrow built-in wardrobe:

Interior of a small hallway ideas for arrangement
Interior of a small hallway ideas for arrangement
Interior of a small hallway ideas for arrangement
Interior of a small hallway ideas for arrangement

In such a cabinet, a longitudinal or transverse crossbar for hangers is mounted or hooks for outerwear and umbrellas are attached (with a cabinet depth of 25-30 cm).

In the upper compartment of such a cabinet there is a place for storing hats, in the lower one you can arrange boxes or shelves for shoes, brushes, shoe polish and so on. Any man will be able to cope with the manufacture of such a cabinet, and old unnecessary furniture, trim boards, racks, chipboards, metal corners and frames can serve as material for him.

Another, simpler and less laborious idea of ​​arranging a small hallway is the use of wooden panels attached to the wall, to which beautiful metal hooks for outerwear are attached at a height of 165-170 cm from the floor for adults and at a height of 125-140 cm for children. Above them you can hang small light shelves for hats and umbrellas. The clothes hanger should be well protected from dust. It can be closed with a decorative curtain made of thick fabric or tapestry and moved on rings along a special metal or wooden bar.

How to equip the interior design of a small hallway is shown in these photos:

A large mirror can be hung either next to the hook panels, or placed between two panels of the same size. The second option will even look more spectacular against the backdrop of a simple interior hallway. Under them you can place a low long stand for storing shoes and household supplies.

To complete the beautiful interior of a small hallway, place a ceramic or clay vase with a composition of flowers or leaves on the bedside table. She will bring fresh, vibrant colors to the hallway, as if welcoming those who enter.

If there is free space, you can install in the hallway a small table or a cabinet with drawers for the phone. In a large anteroom, not only a stationary cabinet can fit, but also sectional furniture (“anteroom”). Hallways in which there is a niche are very convenient.

Modern interior of a very small hallway

In a very small entrance hall you have to rationally use almost every square centimeter of the area. It is enough to hang a mirror, equip a hanger for outerwear, and under it are narrow shelves or drawers for storing shoes and household items. Wide shelves suspended from the ceiling are appropriate here, they can be mounted around the entire perimeter of the room. Hinged mezzanines are very spacious in which you can store more voluminous things, which takes up too much space in cabinets (travel bags, suitcases, camping and fishing equipment, skates, skis, badminton rackets, etc.).

Interior of a small hallway ideas for arrangement
Interior of a small hallway ideas for arrangement

Usually in a standard-type apartment, several doors go out into the hallway, which makes the room seem even more cramped. To make the hallway look spacious, instead of one or two doors, you can hang curtains from heavy decorative fabrics. This particular style decision will give the interior a romantic look. The fabric for the curtains is selected to match the wallpaper, but it should be brighter and, possibly, with expressive ornamentation or decoration. It is desirable that these curtains be in harmony with the colors of the carpeting of the hallway, if any.

The arch can also be separated with a decorative curtain. Thus, the hallway will be divided into two zones. The curtain can be sewn from a dense beautiful fabric or hang light bamboo or wicker curtains.

This collection of photos presents the ideas for arranging the interior of a small entrance hall in an apartment:

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