Lighting in the apartment: rules and ideas

Recommendations for the selection of lighting for different residential premises in the apartment

To choose lighting for an apartment, you need to take into account the functional purpose of the room and, of course, coordinate the design of chandeliers, table lamps, lamps, floor lamps, night lights and other electrical appliances with the general style of a room, hallway, kitchen or bathroom. Some prefer different options for spot lighting of the apartment, while others like the central one.

Lighting devices in the living room play not only a functional, but also an aesthetic and even psychological role. Surely you noticed that sometimes poor lighting of a room in an apartment does not reflect in the best way on the mood of people, and a brightly shining crystal chandelier under the ceiling creates a feeling of celebration and comfort. To prevent this from happening, you need to understand what kind of lighting is better for each room in the apartment, and what to look for when choosing it.

Lighting options for the apartment: lamps for the living room

Choosing the right lighting for the apartment, special attention should be paid to the living room (or common) room. After all, it is here that we gather together with relatives, friends, to celebrate a celebration, a memorable event or just to chat.

Lighting in the apartment, rules and ideas
Lighting in the apartment, rules and ideas


Buying a chandelier, everyone subconsciously strives for a parade. And it often happens that a chic crystal chandelier with pendants in combination with the overall interior of the room looks ridiculous.

For a beautiful design of central lighting in the apartment, a three-arm six-lamp chandelier, made of crystal, transparent or colored glass with metal fittings in yellow, white or copper shade, is suitable. The size, style and material of which the chandelier is made are selected taking into account the interior.

Lighting in the apartment, rules and ideas
Lighting in the apartment, rules and ideas

And what lighting should I choose for the living room in the apartment, where there is an area for reading books or newspapers, working at the desk, knitting, sewing or any other needlework? It requires additional lighting for local lighting, located in a specific functional area of ​​the room.

In the working area of ​​the common room or bedroom, as well as in the office where the desk is located, lighting should be made most suitable for the conditions of many hours of painstaking work. Light should fall on the entire surface of the workplace. The desk lamp should be placed on the left side of the person working at the table. The most convenient and practical lamps with a hinged bracket, which provides the ability to change the direction and intensity of illumination of the working area of ​​the table from time to time.

Lighting in the apartment, rules and ideas
Lighting in the apartment, rules and ideas

For the same purpose, a lamp with a flexible metal leg is quite suitable. However, desk lighting should not be too harsh or intense. A lamp with a power of 60 watts is enough. It’s best to choose a table lamp with a small, not too wide down lampshade made of opaque or translucent materials. The most favorable for sight white, blue and green colors of the lampshade.

If we are talking about what kind of lighting in the apartment is best for a recreation area in a common room, then a floor lamp with one, two or three lamps is most convenient. At the same time, the floor lamp should be placed so that the light falls on the surface of the coffee table, next to which upholstered furniture is usually installed for relaxation. If the floor lamp is also two- or three-arm, the direction of lighting can be adjusted. For example, the flow of light from one lamp can be directed to a coffee table, from another to the ceiling (to ensure softness and more diffuse lighting), and from the third – to some spectacular area of ​​the interior. It can be a beautiful picture, a vase with flowers or a fragment of a curtain made of velvet or satin fabric.

In these photos – the ideas of modern lighting of the living room in the apartment:

Proper apartment lighting: options for a bedroom

For a bedroom, a set of fixtures can consist of a single or double lamp small chandelier and a pair of sconces located on either side of the bed. The sconces need to be fixed on the side of the head of the bed so that it is convenient to turn on and off without getting out of bed. In addition, this option will help to achieve the necessary direction of lighting for evening reading in bed.

You can illuminate the bedroom with flat lamps built into the wall above the bed or table lamps with small lampshades mounted on bedside tables or tables. You can also use the idea of ​​lighting a bedroom in an apartment, such as placing bedside lamps.

If the bedroom has a dressing table or dressing table, it is also advisable to place some kind of lighting device near them, for example, a table lamp, a pendant lamp or a floor lamp (if the area allows, so that the entire surface of the mirror is evenly lit). The power of light bulbs for bedroom lighting is 40 watts. Frosted glass luminaires are preferred, which scatter light well, creating soft, dim lighting.

Original ideas for lighting the bedroom in the apartment are presented in these photos:

Examples of lighting a children’s room in an apartment

The lighting of a children’s corner or children’s room should be bright enough, but without a sharp transition from light to shadow. This can be achieved if you choose a lamp with a lampshade that scatters the light stream well, for example, a light light lampshade made from lighting paper.

If the child has a separate table for classes, games and drawing, it should also be lit. The desk lamp, in order to save space on the child’s work table, can be replaced by a wall lamp on a hinged bracket, with which the direction of lighting is regulated. You can hang on the wall a lamp with a matte lampshade on the left side of the table.

If the house has a baby, you can’t do without a tiny nightlight. Young children are often afraid of the dark and have difficulty falling asleep when the main lighting of the room turns off. If you attach a night lamp next to the bed, the child will calmly and quickly fall asleep.

Here are examples of lighting a children’s room in an apartment:

Artificial lighting in other rooms of the apartment

The entrance hall, as a rule, does not have windows and sufficient natural light. Therefore, it is especially important to choose suitable lighting fixtures so that you can easily hang outerwear, change shoes, put yourself in order in front of the mirror, etc. Central lighting in the interior of the hallway of a modern apartment must be bright. The hallway area in front of the mirror is best illuminated with one or two sconces located on top or on both sides of the mirror. If a telephone is installed in the hallway, care should be taken to ensure that it is sufficiently lit.

In a kitchen that has two functional areas, there should be not only central, but also local lighting. Bulbs for central lighting are desirable more powerful than for local. For a kitchen with an area of ​​5-8 m2, a light bulb with a power of at least 75-80 W is required, and for a kitchen with an area of ​​8-12 m2 or more, a 100 W bulb is required. The most suitable option would be a matte or colored glass shade, a lamp with a lampshade made of fabric or with an original wicker lampshade in a rustic style. It is easy to create a cozy and joyful atmosphere in the kitchen with the help of a funny cloth shade of bright colors – red, yellow, orange, bright green.

Lighting in the apartment, rules and ideas
Lighting in the apartment, rules and ideas

In the working area of ​​the kitchen, it is advisable to install local lighting to facilitate work in the evening, for example, fluorescent lamps that are mounted at the bottom of wall cabinets, shelves or mounted directly in the wall above the work table and sink.

The interior of the dining area of ​​the kitchen is perfectly complemented by a colored glass sconce, on the wall above the dining table or over a soft corner. This wall lighting usually serves in the evening as extra. You can only use it to create a more intimate, romantic atmosphere.

In the bathroom of a modern apartment, artificial lighting should be strong (up to 100 watts), but not sharp. It is better to close the light bulb with a small matte glass shade. The small bathroom comes with central lighting. Larger bathrooms with wide mirrors may need local lighting.

Check out our selection of lighting design photos for different rooms in the apartment:

Tips for choosing lighting for your apartment

All household fixtures – chandeliers, shades, sconces, table lamps, floor lamps – are themselves an adornment of an apartment, an integral part of its equipment. It is very important to select modern lighting for the apartment, taking into account the characteristics of each room to perform a specific function. Their shape and color should correspond to the interior, in harmony with the color of polishing and the style of furniture, curtains on windows and objects of decorative design.

Of great importance is the nature of the lighting, that is, what kind of light the lamp gives – direct, reflected or refracted. According to the rules of lighting an apartment, it is imperative to take into account where the light source is located. For example, light rays are strongly reflected when they hit a mirror or polished furniture surfaces, and if the lamp is surrounded by dull surfaces, then the light is absorbed to some extent by them.

Lighting in the apartment, rules and ideas
Lighting in the apartment, rules and ideas


One more piece of advice when choosing lighting fixtures is to take into account the fact that the color of wallpaper and room furnishings, the texture of furniture and wooden products are differently perceived under natural and artificial lighting. The lighting effect can be successfully used to enhance or reduce the saturation and depth of color. Depending on the location of the light sources, the same interior can look completely different.

As you can see, if you take the lighting problem thoughtfully and with knowledge, the house will become more comfortable in the evening, favorable conditions will be created for a good rest after a busy day.


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